VIDEO: Submission Underground 14 is ready to roll on May 31

Submission Underground (SUG) 14 is ready to roll on May 31 in Portland, Oregon.

The promotion’s matchmaker, Heather “The Boss Lady” Standing, recently spoke with Behind The Grind about her experience with the grappling promotion founded by former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen.

Standing started matchmaking in 2013 with FAMMA, Fisticuffs Amateur Mixed Martial Arts. The promotion featured MMA matches and Tag Team Jiu Jitsu. Speaking of her job as a matchmaker, she acknowledged, “I can’t take credit for what happens in there, but you try and lay down the foundation for it. It’s just a crap shoot. You just hope for the best and you just have to realize that you can’t please everybody. When it’s a good night you get to go home and have enough of a glory feeling that you want to do it again”.

The matchmaker described working with Chael Sonnen. ”It’s a train that never stops moving,” said Standing. “He’s constantly going a mile a minute. He doesn’t know how to take a day off. With Chael you have to constantly be ready for change at any given moment. He is super smart and super business savvy. He is just a very high intellect, very creative and clever, and good at what he does. At some point you just sit back and say in Chael I trust. You just go along for the ride. He hasn’t let me down yet. It’s crazy I’m very lucky”.

SUG 14 will broadcast at 3:00pm (PST) on UFC Fight Pass this Sunday, May 31. See the full interview below (Heather, 27:27) by Behind The Grind: