VIDEO: TSN reporter Aaron Bronsteter becomes the interviewee

Behind The Grind recently reversed the roles for TSN MMA reporter Aaron Bronsteter. While the reporter is used to being the one asking the questions, he happily agreed to be the interviewee for a change.

In the interview, Bronsteter explained his road leading up to working for TSN. “I wanted to cover basketball when I was younger. That was my goal, to be a play-by-play basketball commentator. I got to do it in university”. While Bronsteter admitted he was not the Lebron James of his university, he did say, “I was the Lebron James of covering basketball for the university, maybe”.

He stated that as he started to get into the media industry, he “kind of shifted” his focus a little bit. “I was very good at doing behind the scenes things, producing and things like that. I started off doing producing, I got some reps along the way doing some on air stuff. My focus was never getting to be on air or doing anything along those lines. It’s kind of rare that I was able to get a job doing on air stuff, reporting and things like that. I think a lot of it had to do with how passionate I was about Mixed Martial Arts and about covering the sport. I think TSN saw that I had a real affinity for MMA and reporting on that. They took a leap of faith with me and I will be forever grateful for that”.

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