Wednesday Night Wars: WWE NXT Week 18 Review

We have a new North American Champion, Ciampa wants Goldie, and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals. Let’s get into the show!

Bask in his Glory

About halfway through the show we got to see the brand new North American Champion, Keith Lee. Lee doesn’t get to say much before he is interrupted by Damien Priest. Priest said he was going to get the North American Championship, then he was interrupted. Dominik Dijakovic comes down, he also wants the championship. Dijakovic gives Lee his props and claims if anybody deserves the first shot, it is him. Dijakovic calls Priest a “bootleg Marilyn Manson” which was fantastic. Dijakovic and Priest then have a match, which Dijakovic wins. Loved this segment, Lee was fantastic as always and they established the next challengers. Loved this.

Signed w/ Blood

Since Ciampa returned he has made it clear he wants the NXT Championship back. Ciampa jumped Undisputed Era laying out all three members. Then he went down to the ring, spray painted an X on a table, and called out Adam Cole. A furious Adam Cole obliged and came down to the ring. The two went back and forth a bit before Regal came out and announced it was official. Cole then came down to the ring, and Ciampa powerbombed him through the X. He then signed the contract with is blood, and held the title as his blood dripped on to it.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final

In the main event the BroserWeights took on the Grizzled Young Veterans in the Dusty Classic Finals. I had high expectations for this match, and they were all met. This match from start to finish was just as good I thought it’d be, if not better. A back and forth match all the way through, with the Vets getting a couple really good near falls. However, the right result happened as Dunne and Riddle won the Dusty Cup. This means the two will also have a match for the Tag Team Championships at TakeOver Portland. This partnership has gone better than I think anybody has expected. I’m Undisputed Era for life, but I wouldn’t mind them winning the titles!

Grade: B+