Wednesday Night Wars: WWE NXT Week 21 Review

TakeOver Portland is in the books, we have new Tag Team Champions, and Gargano got his revenge on Tomasso Ciampa. This is your weekly review of the best hour and a half in wrestling, NXT!

Never Bet Against an Ace

The first match of the evening saw Jordan Devlin defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Lio Rush. First I want to say that bringing the Cruiserweight Championship to NXT is the best decision they could’ve made. The idea for the title was great, but on 205 it felt stuck. Now with it being on NXT and NXT UK, the options for it have increased tremendously. As for the match, I don’t think I need to tell you, but it was fantastic.

The Cruiserweight division has set such a high bar and every time they get the spotlight, they kill it. I am also really glad to see Lio Rush back in the mix AFTER his backstage issues that surrounded did his signing. Jordan Devlin is the perfect champion, he is amazing in the ring, can talk, and he really has a presence about him. Above all else, this match made me optimistic about the future of the division. Devlin vs. Balor at TakeOver: Dublin anybody?


Then later in the night Keith Lee came out to cut a promo following his barn burner match against Dominik Dijakovic at TakeOver: Portland. He was quickly interrupted by. Kona Reeves. Lee quickly dispatched of him, called for the bell, and got the win. The interesting part came after, when Dijakovic came out. He said he wasn’t ready to move on, and insinuated that he wanted another match.

Lee said that the fans always chant ‘Fight Forever’ and if he could convince Regal, maybe they would. This seems to be setting up a fourth match between the two. Not sure how I feel about this to be honest. No doubt the match would be another barn burner. However, I think this is pushing it a bit now. The two have had an amazing feud and it does feel like it is getting past its expiration date a bit. I would like a fresh feud for both men, but we will see what happens!

Dream Over

Then in your main event Roderick Strong finally gets his hands on the returning Velveteen Dream. Dream has not wrestled (on TV) for five months, but none of that showed here. Velveteen is one of the most consistent performers in NXT and this match was no different.

The storytelling and chemistry between him and Strong was incredible. This is one of the best TV main events in recent memory, they played their roles so well. Near the end of the match, Dream pulled off his jumpsuit to reveal new tights. These had Strong’s wives face on the front and back, very Rick Rude style. At this point, Undisputed Era came out but were swiftly taken out. Then after a short flurry by Strong, Dream picked up the win. He was then of course attacked by Undisputed Era after the bell. This was perfect. Dream gets a much needed win in his first match, but Undisputed Era end the show looking strong. Fantastic main event on all fronts.


Good show overall, and carried the stories from TakeOver well. We did not see much from Gargano or Ciampa though. Ciampa attacked Austin Theory, but thats about it. I think they could have done a lot more with that angle on this week’s show, with how hot it was. Overall though very good show, storylines were advanced, there was a killer main event, I am happy!

Grade: B+