Wednesday Night Wars: WWE NXT Week 23 Review

On this week’s NXT we had two Steel Cage matches, and a tease for a possible NXT Championship match at the next TakeOver. Let’s get into it!

Dakota Squeaks out a Win

NXT this week featured two Steel Cage matches, the first one was a grudge match between Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox. These two have had a couple of matches now and this one was the best by far. Tegan is slowly becoming a phenomenal babyface. I also can not say enough good things about Kai’s heel turn, not a fan of Gonzales however. The two really used the cage to help tell their story. There is nothing worse than a cage match that just becomes a normal match in a cage. Really enjoyed this one, Gonzales pressed the door against Nox trapping her, allowing Kai to escape. This feud will most certainly continue and I am all for it.

Chelsea Qualifies

Chelsea Green defeated Shotzi Blackheart. She won the first spot in a ladder match at TakeOver Tampa, to determine the #1 contender for the Women’s Championship. The match was nothing too special if I am honest. However, I did want to mention it because I love Chelsea Green. I wasn’t sure about her Robert Stone gimmick at first, but she has been amazing. I have been a fan of Chelsea’s for many years and I am just happy to see her getting this opportunity. I also don’t believe we have ever seen a multi-women ladder match at a TakeOver, so I am super excited for this!

Dream Wants Gold

Then in the main event, another cage match, Velveteen Dream took on Roddy Strong. I feel Dream is underrated a bit, he proved in this match he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. The match was absolutely fantastic as you would expect between the two. However, the interesting part came after the match. Dream was on top of the cage ready to hit his finisher off the top. Then Undisputed Era came out to stop Dream. Dream then hurled Cole into the ring, pushed Strong out of the ring, and locked the door. Dream had lost the match, but he had locked himself in with the NXT Champion. Dream beat down Cole and held up the gold. If this is the NXT Championship match at TakeOver Tampa, I am all for it. Dream has been NXT Champion worthy for a long, long time. This was perfect!


This was a near perfect show. Every match and segment meant something or pushed a story forward. I didn’t have a problem with this week’s show, loved it.

Grade: A