Wednesday Night Wars: WWE NXT Week 24 Review

To put it simply, NXT had the best segment in the history of the brand this week.

Let’s get into it.

NXT at Performance Centre

Before I get into the big happenings of the show, I want to give my thoughts on NXT being held at WWE’s Performance Centre in Orlando. I wasn’t sure how this would look and feel, historically it has been odd when NXT has left Full Sail. With that being said, I absolutely loved this. I think this setting added something to NXT, but I can’t specify what. I know NXT is loyal to Full Sail and vice versa, but I hope they do this again. The Universe suddenly felt a lot more open, especially with the main event (we’ll get to it later).

Charlotte Flairs Brutality

One of the best parts of the night, was a Rhea Ripley promo which seems to be a weekly thing. Rhea came out and started talking about Charlotte and WrestleMania. She talked about how the match with Flair is the biggest match of her career (which it is). Then Rhea gets interrupted by Flair and the crowd lets her have it. Very loud “you don’t go here” and “go back to Raw” chants. The two ultimately brawled, and Flair locked a figure four onto Ripley. If we have WrestleMania, this is by far one of my most anticipated matches. The build up has been perfect!

Broserweights Retain

In the main event, Dunne and Riddle defended their NXT Tag Team Championships against Undisputed Era. Before the match, Dream cut a promo on the group and set his eyes on Adam Cole’s NXT Championship. Before Undisputed Era could attack him, The Broserweights made their way down. I feel like a bit of a broken record when it comes to these two teams. Absolutely tore the house down as you would expect. Fantastic main event match, and I am loving the Dream – Undisputed Era/Adam Cole feud.

The Best Segment in NXT History

No that title is not clickbait, I genuinely think this is the best segment in NXT history. I have been watching NXT for many years, since the days of Finn, Joe, Sami, and the Four Horsewomen. I have seen many amazing segments from some of the best in wrestling, and I can’t think of a better closing segment. So much chaos and story if you don’t intend on watching NXT these last 15-or-so minutes. The two went all the way around the PC, Gargano went through a window, Ciampa through a weight at a mirror like a frisbee, so much chaos.

The segment ended with Ciampa putting Gargano through the NXT announce table, off a scaffold type thing. I was not extremely invested in this feud last week, but now I can not wait for TakeOver Tampa (hopefully). There was one piece of storytelling in this match that was great, Gargano tried to attack with a crutch. The crutch has been a pivotal part of this feud since the beginning, and to keep it going still is fantastic.


I loved this show from start to finish, the closing segment alone deserves the A grade. Funny how one of NXT’s best shows emanated from the PC, let’s do it again!

Grade: A