What type of MMA fan are you?

MMA is far more than two people getting into a cage to beat each other up. It is a chess match; a highly skilled competition. Some people understand this, while others don’t. There are often rants on social media about the different types of MMA fans. They can rank from the Casual to the Hardcore and everything in between.

Which type of MMA are you?

Casual Fans

Hardcore fans often call out Casual fans on social media sites. There are a lot of clues that someone might be a Casual fan, but here are some of the most noticeable ones.

– A Casual fan usually doesn’t respect the takedown in a fight.

– He may often yell at the fighters to get up because he just wants to see punches and doesn’t understand ground game.

– Many are seen spelling Conor with two r’s. Casual?

– These fans don’t know about promotions other than the UFC.

– They may only tune into the big fights and may only watch the main card.

– Casuals might think the UFC created MMA.

Bandwagon Fans

These fans follow the leaders. They often try to imitate the Hardcore fans, but are merely along for the ride.

– Bandwagon fans may follow fighters only because they are winning or popular.

– They often don’t have loyalty to fighters after a loss.

– These fans may want to look cool in front of their MMA friends, so they just go along with what everyone else says. They don’t really have an informed opinion.

Hardcore Fans

Hardcore fans can do one of two things. They either take the other types of fans under their wing and guide them through the complicated world of MMA or they may rant about their utter ignorance of the sport.

–  These fans are usually aware of the history and evolution of the sport.

– They may spend time researching MMA information online or join in on social media forums regarding the sport.

– A Hardcore fan watches cards other than the UFC.

– Their New Year’s Eve might be celebrated watching RIZIN.

– These types of fans may end up being content writers for online MMA news sources.

Seriously, this article is just all in fun. Whatever category you fall into, The Scrap is happy to have you reading its content. It welcomes all fans from the Casual to the Hardcore and everything in between.

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