Who should make up AEW’s version of The Four Horsemen?

Four Horsemen

For quite some time, several members of the AEW roster have teased about the possibility of a new incarnation of the legendary faction The Four Horsemen taking place in AEW.

Here are several options AEW could use for their version of The Four Horsemen.

1. Cody, Shawn Spears, and FTR

This could be an interesting incarnation of the faction. Cody would be the leader of this version and would heavily use Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard as the managers of the group. FTR would occupy a similar role to that of the Brainbusters in the original incarnation of the faction.

The downside is that Shawn Spears does not have the star power needed to be part of this new version of the Horsemen.

2. Cody, MJF, and FTR

With the addition of MJF, this version has a lot of star power and the potential to be a great heel faction on AEW.

The downside is that MJF and Cody feel more like long term rivals and right now there isn’t a story or hint that would make them allies once more.

3. Cody, Adam “Hangman” Page, and FTR

Cody and Adam “Hangman” Page have hinted on BTE and Dynamite on several occasions of the inner conflict between The Elite. In last week’s episode of Dynamite, Hangman hung out with FTR inside a bar.

This option could be the most interesting of all and would create an instant rivalry between The Elite and the new incarnation of The Four Horsemen for years to come.

4. Kenny Omega, MJF, and FTR

This is the most unlikely scenario but it could be an interesting plot twist and heartbreaking moment for the AEW fans. Omega joining this new group could be the catalyst for the return of “The Cleaner”.

This type of swerve could be an interesting direction that AEW could book and surprise all fans of the AEW product.