Who should Matt Riddle feud with first on SmackDown?

It has been announced that “The Bro” Matt Riddle will be joining the SmackDown roster. In a shocking main roster move that came seemingly out of nowhere, there are many potential matches for Riddle on the blue brand.

So who should he feud with first?

#4. Braun Strowman

I put this at #5 because it is the least likely to happen. That being said, Braun has done absolutely nothing as a Universal Champion. Matt Riddle debuting on SmackDown and winning the championship would be incredible. It would also do a lot for the title, as it has not had the best history thus far.

#3. King Corbin

I know you’re reading this and thinking ‘why Corbin?’ Let me explain. Whether you want to admit it or not Corbin is one of WWE’s best pure heels. Wrestling has a lot of supposed heels that the crowds adore, Corbin is not one of those people. Riddle needs to debut and get a good win over a heel to introduce himself. I think we often forget that not everybody watching SmackDown watches NXT. This would be a great introductory feud for Riddle to establish his character and dominance.

#2. Drew Gulak

I put Corbin on this list for character reasons, but the last entries are based on the wrestling. For those that may have forgotten, Riddle and Gulak already have a bit of history. They have wrestled in Evolve, Beyond Wrestling, and even NXT. All those matches were fantastic, and I believe this would be no different. Gulak has been getting a bit of a push recently, and I feel this would be a nice point for development. Gulak losing a feud to Riddle, establishes Riddle and could make Gulak look amazing.

#1. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is #1 on this list, assuming he wins the finals of the Intercontinental Championship. The Intercontinental Championship has Riddle’s name all over it. When I see Riddle, I see a mid-card champion who can and will evolve into a world champion. Riddle to come on the scene and immediately chase that championship establishes him as a threat right away. Let’s put the title aside, a Riddle vs. Bryan feud in any company, on any show is a dream.

When Bryan was forced to retire there were a lot of dream matches we thought we’d never get. Although Riddle was still on the indies, this was one of those matches. A feud with Bryan is a high-level feud whether it’s for a championship or not. This is the perfect first feud to establish Riddle as a threat on the main roster.