Why you should pay attention to Spanish Pro Wrestling


NXT UK’s rise affected, in a lot of ways, the UK and other wrestling scenes in Europe. The German and Spanish wrestling scenes, on the other hand, have been able to increase their popularity.

Spanish wrestling right now is growing in popularity in Spain and around the world. Leading the charge of this growth in Spanish wrestling are the likes of A-Kid, a current member of the NXT UK roster, and Carlos Romo. Promotions in Spain like RIOT, RCW, and White Wolf Wrestling are growing and more people are following their content.

RIOT Wrestling

This promotion based in Barcelona has a lot of talented and up-and-coming stars. Wrestlers like Carlos Vega, Guillermo Vernal, Cambo Cray, and many others are some of the rising stars you can see in this promotion.

The match quality of this promotion is very good and some of the wrestlers in this promotion in a few years will be bigger stars that many of the big promotions will want to sign.

White Wolf Wrestling

Triple W is with no doubt the biggest promotion out of Spain. A-Kid and Carlos Romo are very well known for the amazing matches they have had in this promotion.

Triple W has a very young roster with a lot of interesting wrestlers like Sara Leon, Tavares de la Mancha, Elvis Harrison, Zozaya, David Ross, Noah Striker, and Rizo are just some of the rising stars Triple W has to offer on their roster.

Triple W just keeps growing and 2020 will be another great year of this promotion based in Madrid.

RCW Spain

Since 2011, this promotion has been able to bring some of the best international wrestling to Spain. Besides matches, the promotion also offers masterclasses with several international wrestlers.

RCW has been able to bring to Spain some of the most popular wrestlers from around the world like Kris Wolf, Maki Itoh, Mina Shirakawa, Night Shade, Yuu, TJ Charles, and so many more stars.


The future of Spanish wrestling is very bright. Spanish wrestlers and promotions are growing in popularity at an incredible rate. If this keeps going, the Spanish wrestling scene may one day surpass the UK as the biggest wrestling scene in Europe.