The Scrap’s Worst 2020 Moment: COVID pandemic halts sports

2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years for one thing, and one thing only: COVID-19. To make matters worst, the pandemic forced sports to discontinue for a short period of time too.

It was without a doubt The Scrap’s Worst 2020 Moment.

Honorable Mentions: Khabib vs. Ferguson failing again, Anthony Romero not getting a Contender Series contract and finding out Fight Island wasn’t as special as it was supposed to be.

For a while, it was hard not to go crazy in quarantine with nothing to watch. Most people were starting to not see an end in sight to staying stuck at home, others got by with Netflix and UFC Fight Pass.

At The Scrap, it forced us to think creatively about the content we produced. We had columns like Building The UFC, MMAMoms, COVID-19 Files, and the Gym Series. Along with articles highlighting the staff’s all-time favorite Pro Wrestling matches and MMA fueds.

It it werent for social media and new releases on streaming platforms, we’re not sure how we would have gotten by. But we’re thankful to have done so and we’re all thankful to have our staff that continuously worked hard to keep things running while the world was not.