WWE NXT has been consistent, but that won’t be enough moving forward

NXT is, with no doubts, the best wrestling product WWE has to offer. The weekly shows are consistent, and the TakeOvers are great and never disappoint fans.

Despite all the praise people give to NXT, the product doesn’t feel the same since it moved from the WWE Network to Live TV.

The same guys every week

One of the biggest complaints fans have about the main roster (Raw and SmackDown) is the lack of rotation of wrestlers, every week we see the same wrestlers with a few exceptions.

NXT has inherited this exact same issue. NXT every week runs with the same wrestlers with very few additions to the tapings. Undisputed Era, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Dijakovic are just examples of wrestlers that appear every week and don’t leave space for new wrestlers to appear. The last notable debut was Shotzi Balckheart and ever since Shayna Baszler moved to Raw, she has nothing to do currently.

NXT needs to do more rotations and use more of the people they have in the Performance Center to create stars and interesting match ups for the wrestlers in the higher part of the card.

Lackluster Tag Team Division

The current state of tag team wrestling in WWE as whole is just bad. Even NXT has problems with their tag team division.

Currently the NXT tag team division consists of Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) and The Broserweights (Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne) as the only two major tag teams. The rest of the division are not seen in the same level.

The current NXT Tag Team Champions, The Broserweights, are a fun tag team. But the division is so lackluster that they already have no one to feud with. NXT needs to improve this as soon as possible.

Full Sail

The Full Sail crowd has to be one of the best wrestling crowds in modern wrestling history, but after almost 20 weeks of TV , the Full Sail crowd is starting to lose steam during shows and almost react in an autopilot way to the shows.

NXT moving out of Full Sail would be a good move and would allow them their wrestlers to interact with new fans.

Matches follow the same formula

The match quality in NXT is incredible and very few promotions are able to have matches of similar quality. But in the last TakeOver, some of the matches felt they had the same formula: a lot high spots and near falls, especially during the main event.

Right now in NXT, because of the formula, there are very few finishers that are protected with the exceptions of Big Bang Catastrophe (Keith Lee), 1916 (Finn Balor) and The Riptide (Rhea Ripley).

If you compare the matches between AEW and NXT, you’ll see AEW offers a diversity of matches from comedy stuff by Orange Cassidy to the epic tag team matches every week. NXT only offers one style and that is the 15+ minute matches with near falls and kicking out of several finishers.

There are no heels and babyfaces

The concept in NXT of babyfaces and heels appears to not exists in most weeks. For example, The Undisputed Era have been going back and forth between being babyfaces and heels every week.

Roderick Strong is currently in a personal feud with Velveteen Dream and the booking of this feud has been so weird. Roderick Strong who should be the heel of the feud, is seen by most people as the sympathetic babyface, meanwhile Velveteen Dream is just a heel stalker.

The only consistent heel in NXT is Finn Balor. In the case of Johnny Gargano, the booking in the next couple of weeks will determine if NXT will be able to keep him a heel or be just another weird case just like in the Strong/Dream feud.