WWE SmackDown Results & Recap: April 9, 2019

On the SmackDown after WrestleMania, we got to see Kofi Kingston’s celebration, a six-man tag match, the new Women’s Tag Team Champions, The IIconics, The Hardy Boyz capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, and more.

Check out the WWE SmackDown results below.

Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship celebration.

The first SmackDown Live after Mania kicked off with The New Day’s celebration for Kofi. Ringside was decked out with a big balloon arch, colourful covers over the turnbuckles, and of course, pancakes. They talked about what was a historic Raw the night before, which prompted the crowd to get Big E to do the splits yet again. Kofi Kingston thanked Woods and E, and also thanked his wife and kids for their support.

The Bar cut this celebration short however, claiming that they actually saved Kofi from losing his title just 24 hours after winning. They also challenged New Day to a six-man tag team match later on in the night, and introduced Drew McIntyre as their partner. It was kind of short segment for my liking, I really wish we could have seen more because of how entertaining the group is. But the interruption can only add to The Bar’s heel status.

Ricochet, Aleister Black & Ali def. Andrade, Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura.

This was a fun six-man tag match. I enjoyed them putting Ali with Black and Ricochet because the two men were becoming a little boring as a tag team to me. Everyone was able to get their high spots in this match, with Ricochet backflipping off the guardrail onto Rusev below. He was to be immediately met with a running knee from Shinsuke however. Back in the ring, Ali managed to spike Andrade on his head with a head scissors maneuver, before hitting the 450 to pick up the victory.

Really hoping Ali gets a push following this match, much like the one Kofi got. As Ali was celebrating the victory, Randy Orton literally came out of nowhere to hit an RKO on the cruiserweight. After the viper had left the arena, Kevin Owens too came out of nowhere to hit a stunner on Rusev. This all seemed to just be one big advert for the superstar shake-up next week.

R Truth and Carmella address WWE Universe.

They started by recapping the big events at WrestleMania, including the biggest 7 second dance break ever, and Carmella beating Andre the Giant in the battle royal, according to Truth. Samoa Joe interrupts them very short after, beating down R-Truth. The US Champion then got on the mic to brag about his minute victory over Mysterio at Mania. As Joe was leaving the ring, Braun Strowman’s music hit. The two fought without either gaining the upper hand, with a shook Samoa Joe walking away with his title. Bit of a weird segment here.

IIconics def. Local Talent.

The IIconics’ music hit as Strowman was halfway up the entrance ramp, with the Women’s Tag Team Champions offering out a handshake which was swiftly declined by the monster. The IIconics claim they are fighting champions, and not only do they talk, they walk. They are facing the undefeated Brooklyn Belles. They did make light work of the local competitors which is to no surprise. IIconics are looking very good with those titles, and I think we could be seeing a lot more from Kay and Royce.

Paige is watching on backstage and promises that she is bringing a tag team to SmackDown next week to challenge the champions… Who could it be?

Shane McMahon addresses WWE Universe.

The best in the world, came to the ring with his trophy proving the accolade. He says that he regrets nothing about what he did to The Miz and his “potato faced” dad at WrestleMania. Not much else came from this and the crowd started to get bored. Like any bored WWE crowd would do, they started chanting CM Punk, which is such a weird thing to do. WWE were probably asking for it with the best in the world gimmick though. McMahon asked Greg Hamilton why he didn’t do his grand voice for Shane this week, to which the announcer said fans threatened him if he did do it. Shane then coached Hamilton on how to do it properly.

The Hardyz def. The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

This was the WrestleMania match we were all waiting for, but it somehow ended up on SmackDown two days later. It was actually a very entertaining match as well, especially as we had never seen it before. We saw all the classic moves from both teams, but The Usos missed hitting Jeff Hardy with the double diving splash. This allowed The Hardyz to gain a bit of control on the match with Matt hitting the Twist of Fate, and Jeff hitting the Swanton Bomb to crown new Tag Team Champions.

I can only assume WWE wanted to put the titles on Jeff and Matt whilst also wanting to give a win to The Usos at Mania on Sunday, so they booked themselves out of that well. The crowd popped hard for the title change, making the Hardyz 8x champions.

Lars Sullivan’s music hit and the SmackDown Live debutante walked very slowly to the ring. Jeff and Matt tried to pounce on him first and keep him down, but Sullivan dominated the new champions just like he did to Kurt Angle the night before.

Becky Lynch returns to SmackDown Live.

The double champ’s promo started with a video package of the main event on WrestleMania. She claimed that she was trying to celebrate her double title win at Raw before Lacey Evans attacked her. Lynch acknowledged that having two belts means all eyes are on her in the women’s division, and said she’s ready to defend and pull double duty. She was then blindsided by Lacey Evans with another massive right hand.

The New Day def. The Bar and Drew McIntyre.

Before the match could start, Sami Zayn’s music hit. The crowd continued to sing his music when it was cut off, which made Zayn say “yeah, you aren’t worth it” and walked off. Very weird. The main event was extremely hard hitting with both teams giving it their all. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston managed to pick up the win for The New Day with a Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus. Kofi’s family joined him in the ring again to celebrate their win. It was another feel good moment for Kofi.

Not a bad show overall, but it felt like there was a lot of recycled stuff from Raw. I expected more from the Becky Lynch segment and the main events if I’m honest, but I wasn’t annoyed at what we got. Hardyz winning the tag titles again is another amazing moment for them, so I look forward to the rematch with The Usos, hopefully we see it at Money in the Bank. I’m also intrigued as to what they do with Kofi Kingston. Two shows after his championship win, we still have no idea who will face him for it next.

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