WWE & The Typecasting of Latino Wrestlers

Typecasting has been one of the major flaws in the world of Pro Wrestling.

One of the best examples that is commonly used is foreigners always presented as heels and hating the U.S.

In WWE, one of its major typecast is that of Latin American wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. WWE in the last few years has been trying to book the next Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, but so far those efforts have not paid off.

In the case of the “new Rey Mysterio”, WWE made two major attempts at it. The first one was with the original Sin Cara (Caristico) and the other one was with Kalisto in 2016. Both attempts failed big time. Both Sin Cara and Kalisto were never able to be themselves and the constant comparisons to Rey doomed them from the start.

After the cases of Kalisto and OG Sin Cara, WWE quit on the idea — for now — of a “new Rey Mysterio”. Humberto Carrillo has been the latest wrestler to get the Rey Mysterio comparison and this already doesn’t seem good for him.

On the case of the “new Eddie Guerrero”, Alberto Del Rio was the only one to come close to being a success in his first run in the company. Andrade and Angel Garza have been the latest latinos to be compared to the great Eddie Guerrero. It’s true that out of the two, Angel Garza has a lot in common with Eddie Guerrero, but people already typecasting him in the position will not be good for him. Andrade and Garza need to be themselves and not the “New Eddie”.

Is there only one top spot for latinos in WWE?

In WWE, it feels like latinos wrestlers are competing for one position. One of the latino main eventers, instead of aiming for being a star in general. Amazing wrestlers like Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik have not being able to show the full extent of their talents because of this.

Comparisons are tedious, but AEW has developed Sammy Guevara organically as a potential future main eventer. Their treatment of their latino talent has been incredible and allow them to succeed.

At the end of the day, being compared to legends of the industry as Rey and Eddie is not a bad thing. However, WWE and fans have to be caution on these comparisons and allow the wrestlers to be themselves at the end of the day.