AEW & IMPACT: A working relationship with potential

Last night, Kenny Omega with help of Don Callis defeated Jon Moxley to become the 3rd AEW World Champion. The “Jacksonville Screwjob” left everyone surprised when Don Callis said that to know more about what happened on the world title match, people would need to watch IMPACT next week.

AEW and IMPACT working together is an interesting concept, and it already has generated a ton of buzz and expectations for this angle. While it has a lot of potential, there should also be caution from both sides on how to proceed going forward.

What does AEW gain from this?

This inter-promotional angle doesn’t really give much to AEW. The promotion would get access to IMPACT’s strong women’s division and to some interesting wrestlers like The North, Ace Austin, Chris Bey and many others.

While AEW doesn’t gain much, the wrestling business gains a lot more and sometimes what benefits the wrestling business is more important, considering the benefits that it could bring in the long run.

IMPACT is an interesting product to watch.There’s a lot of good wrestling every week, and their women’s division is strong. They have a lot of talented young wrestlers, but their comedy can be a hit or miss on multiple occasions. This could be the thing to be concerned the most about.

What does IMPACT gain from this?

This is a major win for IMPACT Wrestling. The angle obtained a lot of buzz and it was trending on Twitter for hours after Dynamite went off air.

All the eyes of the wrestling world will be on IMPACT next Tuesday. IMPACT might draw their biggest rating since their move to AXS TV. Besides the buzz, IMPACT would get access to wrestlers like The Bucks, Cody, Omega, and Moxley which could help the show even more.

The Forbidden Door

Most wrestling fans in the world want a working relationship between AEW and NJPW. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen any time soon. It seems that bridge was burned a long time ago.

In a perfect world, AEW and NJPW having a inter-promotion angle would’ve been amazing, but IMPACT and AEW have the potential to do something interesting. Don’t let the fact the forbidden door is closed ruin what could be an interesting angle with these two promotions.

One thing is for sure, NJPW will be watching this closely, and who knows… if the angle works big time, this could lead to the forbidden door finally opening.

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