Modestas Bukauskas: Get ready for The Baltic Gladiator 2.0

Modestas Bukauskas

Modestas Bukauskas (11-3) is looking forward to avenging his recent loss and getting back to his winning ways. The 26-year-old will face Michał Oleksiejczuk (14-4) on March 27 at UFC 260.

At UFC Fight Island 6 in October, Jimmy Crute (12-1) got the better of “The Baltic Gladiator” and knocked him out in the first round.

When the light heavyweight spoke to Behind The Grind, he described the current training regimen for his fight camp. “It’s pretty intense actually. It’s definitely been ramped up the last couple of weeks. I’ve felt the last two weeks, even already midweek through the week, I’m thinking I just want to chop my legs off. I just want to chop my arms off so as not to feel the pain and the soreness.

“I’ve been managing to push through and every time I push through, it seems like my cardio gets better and my muscle endurance gets better and my technique and stuff like that. Sometimes it’s about knowing when to let your body rest, but for the most part, this is all I do so training twice a day is just about enough for me. Me being young still, the body does heal up quite fast.”

Bukauskas talked about his recent loss and how it will benefit him moving forward. “There’s always some sort of learning curve to come from it. There was a reason why I lost my last fight. The thing is you have to find and see what the things are you need to improve to get back on a winning streak. It was great to have those lessons. Everyone’s journey is different. This is my journey, no one else’s. I have to have these losses to make the lessons appropriately to go out and go on a tear. I’ve made adjustments since last time and we’re going to go out and go on another tear. I have so much in my repertoire and so much in the tank that has not been unleashed yet. All I can say is next fight, it’s definitely going to be shown.”

Asked for one word that describes his fight style, the Lithuania native replied, “By the way that I am going to go and fight now I will give you a word that is going to describe it and that’s flamboyant. Baltic Gladiator 2.0 is coming out in full swing on March 27.”

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