1 thought on “Poirier and The Good Fight Group look to build playground for disabled children

  1. I know things others do NOT.Those 6 Elbow strikes on the left side of Dustin’s head have very well Caused an Internal Injury-Through Meditation in my Closet I have been SHOWN that Dustin Needs a Brain Scan to Make sure he Does Not have Bleeding in His Brain.
    I have posted on utube but I depend on No one to Understand How Vicious an Elbow strike is.
    Even a small bleeding it will be Deadly. The longer you wait the more chance of His Death—Be not Fooled by anyone saying No-that is not the Case.
    Go now immediately and TELL those whom are Close to this Man..Let him look into a Mirror and have him say to Himself while looking into His own Eyes. Let him say “No I have No problem” and SEE what His sub-conscious says to himself.
    Let His Soul answer for himself and he may admit to himself YES, these strikes WERE powerful enough for that Type of INJURY—beware of being complacent..

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