2 thoughts on “Analyzing the UFC’s 205-pound division and the matches that should be made

  1. No one wants Jones. Its pretty obvious why. He is a matchup nightmare for everyone. I think we are in for a long run of Jones crushing people after he takes care of business with DC. Who do you see having the 155 lb belt at the end of 2019???

    1. I personally think Jones will hold the belt all year. I also don’t see him moving up to heavyweight anytime soon. I see the DC rematch happening mid-to-late next year and I see Jones fighting Anthony Smith sooner than later.

      The 155-pound belt is a tough one! I don’t see Khabib holding the belt all year though. If not McGregor, then I see Poirer holding the belt for some reason. We know McGregor vs Khabib 2 is going to happen, so we’ll probably see Tony vs Dustin. Tony leaves his chin up too much in my opinion and will get knocked out by Poirer. But I’m torn! Who do you think will hold it? I expect a Max Holloway debut at lightweight soon too… So the possibilities are truly endless in this division!

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