2 thoughts on “BKFC 21: A Blatant Blemish of Rules? Houston Alexander Responds

  1. This is a professional fighter that has many fights and knows the rules. The punch on the ground was a blatant disregard of the rules. BKFC failed in their duty to disqualify Alexander for this downed strike. BKFC should have ruled him disqualified to show they are rule followers more then seat fillers of the sport. Myself and many friends that have been watching BKFC since their start are now not watching. The rules are in place for safety and if they can’t provide safety to their fighters our time of watching will not continue. Shame on BKFC to not even mention more during the show or at least push the fact that he could have received severe damage. And to mention the unsportsmanlike conduct of Josh Burns after his KO. He should be ashamed of himself, that is not how true professionals do things.

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