Four reasons you need to watch Sammy Guevara’s Vlog

One of the major strengths of AEW has been their use of social media. BTE was one of the reasons AEW was created. Now, Sammy Guevara’s Vlog is a fun YouTube show that you need to watch.

it gives a sneak Peak into Backstage AEW

In a similar case to BTE, Sammy’s Vlog gives fans a sneak peak into how it is backstage in AEW and in particular, with Sammy Guevara and his Inner Circle associates.

One of the biggest charms about the show is watching Sammy’s adventures in AEW with several of the other members on the AEW roster. In addition to all of that, Sammy’s Vlog has worked a great platform to help other wrestlers get over.

it’s A very funny show

The humor on the show is easy to understand no matter if you’ve been a wrestling fan your entire life or you just starting watching.

Wrestlers like Fuego del Sol, QT Marshall and many others have been able to show their more comedic side to fans.

If you are a BTE fan, the humor is quite similar. There’s also the crossover situations that happen from time to time, like the time Sammy Guevara ribbed The Young Bucks a few weeks ago.

it serves as A Platform for other wrestlers

As mentioned before, Sammy’s Vlog has been a great platform to help several wrestlers get over so far. For example. Fuego del Sol is slowly becoming a fan favorite with AEW fans that watch the show.

Recently we’ve seen several wrestlers show up on Sammy Vlog, like Powerhouse Hobbs, for example. It’s a great platform that helps him and others connect better with their fans with funny bits or the extra layers added to current storylines on Dynamite and Dark.

The Growth of the channel is VISIBLE

Sammy’s YouTube Channel is growing on all possible stats, from subscribers (133,000) to total views (11,401,886) from its inception back in 2009.

So far, Sammy Guevara has produced 298 episodes of his incredible vlog and there’s no doubts that the channel will keep growing and seeing the growth of Sammy as a wrestler for years to come.

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