Kyle Prepolec is ready for lightweight return at UFC Vancouver

After coming off a unanimous decision loss against Nordine Taleh at UFC Ottawa, Kyle Prepolec is ready to prove he belongs in the UFC. 

The lightweight (12-6-0) from Windsor, On. Canada is busy preparing for his fight against Austin Hubbard (10-3-0) at UFC Vancouver, September 14.

The Scrap had a chance to catch up with the Canadian fighter to discuss his training and upcoming bout.

The former BTC champion feels his win over UFC vet Cody Pfister jumpstarted his UFC debut. Pfister had four fights in the UFC under his belt when the two fought and when Prepolec pulled off the win, the UFC noticed. He was called for his first UFC fight in Ottawa on May 4 with one week’s notice, moving up to welterweight too.  

For his upcoming fight, the Maximum Training Centre prodigy said he will be, “a better version” of himself come fight night. Prepolec has been, “focusing on his weaknesses while increasing his strengths,” and was happy to note he is returning to the lightweight division at UFC Vancouver. 

Now with time to prepare for his second UFC fight, Kyle Prepolec is well-prepared and ready to showcase his talents at his actual weight class.

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