12 regional MMA fighters you should be following on Instagram

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The world is currently suffering from boredom during their lockdowns, and if we’re honest, they are likely on social media.

Here at The Scrap, we pride ourselves in giving a platform for the fighters who need it most — those on the rise. So why not put together a list of some regional fighters you should be following on Instagram?

Here are 12 fighters you should have been following. Like, yesterday:

Khai Wu

There are many talented fighters on the Asian MMA scene, but none excites me more than Khai Wu. He knows how to connect with his following unlike most on the come-up, and he posts some quality content that makes you want to tune in and follow his career.

I mean how sick is that video above? Khai not only hypes himself up, he hypes those around him too. Not many people have the “IT” factor, but Khai does and he’s definitely an exciting prospect to keep an eye on.

In the mean time, give him a follow. He’ll definitely entertain you while you’re stuck at home.

Lucero Acosta

Talk about a smoke show. Acosta is drop dead gorgeous and the girl can scrap. But she’s even better at her social media game:


She’s only getting started in her career, but something tells me she’s a name we’ll continue to hear on the regional scene. Until then, follow her and watch her on Combate Americas once this COVID-19 mess is over.

Alton Cunningham

If you’ve gotten this far in the article, stop what you are doing and go follow Alton. He’s HILARIOUS! Aside from fighting, Alton is a content creator, making hilarious videos on Thriller & Tik Tok.


Let’s hope we get to see this beast back in action soon, we miss watching him fight. Although I have to admit, the comedic videos will do for now. I’m sure the ladies don’t mind.

Mando Gutierrez

“El Toro” does a really great job with his social media. He’s simple with it, but sometimes simple does enough to catch the eye. All of Mando’s photos are black and white, with a hint of color in some.

When looking at his feed alone, it’s appealing. Even if the post is as simple as this, where he’s grocery shopping during the pandemic:


Aside from his great looks and natural abilities, Mando is definitely one to keep a close eye on. The regional scene will likely not have him for long if he continues his wins streak by finishing fights in impressive fashion.

Crystal Demopoulous

I’m obsessed with “Little Monster,” she’s such a badass and I love all she stands for. She loves to fight and get into wars when locked in the cage, but outside of the cage, she’s one bad b*itch.

I’m not sure if she’s a pole dancer still, but Demopoulos wants to be the Cardi B of MMA. And I am ALL for it! Follow Crystal for some great content, sexy photos, and well — because she’s a name who could fight on the upcoming season of Contender Series.

Get familiar.

Aaron Jeffery

You have to love when good looks match the personality. If you aren’t following Aaron, you need to. The Contender Series alum posts some things that make people actually laugh out loud. Believe it or not, that’s hard to do.

Aside from the great photos to look at and Jeffery’s funny posts, he does own Jeffery Nutrition which offers unique and helpful nutrition advice. So if you’re ever in need for a fight camp, or just want to follow for tips, do so.

Let’s hope we get to see him on Contender Series again!

Cole Ferrell

Ferrell has such a large following for someone who is hated by many in the game. Most people come with excuses to try and diminish what Cole has done for himself on the regional scene. But truth be told, it’s not easy building a following while fighting for dirt cheap money. Just ask fighters who are signed to big MMA agencies who haven’t even broke 2k followers.

Respect the hustle.

Not only is a Cole a draw in the sport, he posts some epic content like these old videos of him fighting in backyards. Love him or hate him, he’s a name that will continue to buzz throughout the sport until he reaches the big leagues.

So tune in now and give him a follow.

Elias Theodorou

I absolutely love this man. Fighter, Cannabis Activist, Ring Boy, you name it, this man does it. It’s basically why his social media is one you MUST follow.


Elias is a social media legend, a God of sorts. He’s hilarious and just knows what’s going to catch on with the MMA crowd. Committed to fighting the stigma of Cannabis consumers, Elias will forever go down as the first-ever sanctioned cannabis athlete in professional sports.


Joe Giannetti

Joe is great. He has been ducked by the UFC for so long and he continues to keep on. Win or lose, Joe is an exciting fighter and he also keeps it exciting on social media. Ironically enough, the post below isn’t the most interesting, but I appreciate it.

Joe dreams big, and dreams loud. I can’t wait for him to get his call-up.

Aside from content like this, Joe posts a ton of cartoons and anime. Whether it’s DBZ or Deadpool, you’ll definitely always find something interesting with Joe.

Pearl Gonzalez

Pearl is one of my absolute favorite MMA fighters. Luckily, she’s also one of my favorites to follow too. Not only is she beautiful, she’s hilarious! Just watch this video from TikTok that’s on her Instagram:


One thing is for sure, you can never call Pearl boring. Whether in a fight or on social media, she always makes it exciting to watch. I miss watching her in the UFC, but I love watching her in Invicta.

So until she can fight again, give her a follow! You’ll love her as much as I do.

Johnny Munoz

“Kid Kvenbo” is one of the most exciting prospects to watch in the bantamweight and featherweight divisions. He’s been undefeated since his amateur days and he’s the reigning KOTC bantamweight champion.

Aside from that, he’s great to look at and posts some good content:

One of my favorite posts from his was his “tag a piece of shit” posts. It made me chuckle when I read it. It’s things that like which separate Munoz from other fighters on social media.

I hope to see him on Contender Series this season! He deserves it.

Caleb Hall

If we only gave you fighters with large followings, then we wouldn’t be doing our jobs correctly. We want to bring new fighters to your attention, and Caleb Hall is one you will thank us for putting on your radar.


There is swagger in his every move, confidence in every pose, and there’s usually dominance in every round. The former U.S. Soldier turned pro fighter may only be 2-0 and have under 1k followers, but there is something about him. He’s special.

Follow him, stay tuned, and I promise you’ll see why for yourself.

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