2021: The Year of Bandido & Ryu Lee

2020 was a bad year for all of us, but two wrestlers had an underwhelming 2020 due to COVID; Bandido and Ryu Lee.

This new year presents a chance to start to regain the momentum they had at the beginning of 2020. Lee and Bandido are two of the most talented wrestlers and 2021 looks to be bright for these two young stars.

Ryu Lee

COVID-19 and travel restrictions really took a toll on his wrestling year. Lee was not able to wrestle for nearly 10 months. Lee made his return to the ring in a ROH World TV title match against Tony Dippen on December 29.

In fact, Ryu Lee’s contract with NJPW was set to expire on December.In addition, there are several reports indicating WWE and AEW have interest on signing Lee. WWE in particular has shown big interest on signing Rush (Ryu Lee’s brother) for quite some time now.

Lee is about to become one of the biggest free agents in the world of pro-wrestling and all promotions will want to have him on there roster. The talented luchador has the world of pro-wrestling waiting to see his next move.


Bandido’s 2020 was very unlucky for the young Mexican luchador. Not only did travel restriction prevented him to wrestle on a regular basis, but he also contracted COVID-19 and he was inactive for 6 months.

2021 presents as a great opportunity to remind the world why Bandido is one of the best luchadores, if not the best. Bandido has wrestle in some very good matches so far for CMLL and ROH.

Bandido undoubtedly is going to have a great 2021. Bandido on a similar case to Lee, will become one of the hottest free agents this year.

2021 looks very promising for these young luchadores.