Does Pro Wrestling need less comedy?

Comedy has been a major aspect of pro wrestling since day one. It can always help the show feel fresh, and give fans and viewers a break from the action that happens in the ring during a show.

Lately, it feels wrestling is relying too much on comedy and like the phrase goes: “too much of something is bad.” The business really does needs to slow down on their use of comedy.

Let’s take iMPACT for example, their current storyline of who shot John E. Bravo, is too much comedy and takes away all the seriousness from the show. After a week, people stopped talking about this terrible storyline. Another example form iMPACT would be the bizarre appearance of AJ Swoggle (Hornswaggle parodying AJ Styles) and pinning Ethan Page. Mind-boggling stuff.

This is not something only iMPACT is guilty of, AEW and WWE have also leaned heavily on comedy. For example, AEW had the divisive musical number that was too comical and the Hangover parody skits were also too much. WWE in general do way too much comedy, to the point it’s no longer comedy. Akira Tozawa dressing as a ninja and running around for the 24/7 Championship weekly it’s waste of Tozawa’s talents.

R-Truth is another wrestler that leans heavy on comedy. While he is probably the best at it on WWE, they have run out of ideas and it feels they are booking him on circles with the 24/7 Championship.

While wrestling could still use comedy, it needs to feel organic and actually be funny and not just doing it for the sake of it. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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