Why you need to watch Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling

One of the advantages of pro wrestling, is that it can be anything a viewers wants it to be. This versatility is one of the many reasons pro wrestling has tested time. No promotion represents this better than Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling.

Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling was founded in 2012 by Japanese pro wrestler Emi Sakura (also founder of Ice Ribbon). This promotion represents some of the best aspects of pro wrestling like creativity, despite the fact that most of their wrestling matches don’t take place in a ring.

Every livestream under the banner of ChocoPro are some of the most wholesome and funniest content to see in all of wrestling. Mei Suruga with her charm and creativity has become my personal favorite act on ChocoPro.

Words can’t describe watching GTMV. The best way to experience this promotion is watching it and you’ll fall in love with it intermediately. If you haven’t, go and suscribe to their YouTube channel.

The GTMV roster is conformed of a very talented wrestler with the likes of Emi Sakura, Lulu Pencil, Mei Suruga, Baliyan Akki and others. GTMV truly has the most wholesome roster in the world of pro wrestling.

Some of your favorite wrestlers have made appearances for the promotion, like: Aja Kong, Hikaru Shida (current AEW Women’s Champion), Chris Brookes, Riho, and so many more.

Pro wrestling is all about having fun, and the roster of GTMV express that in their matches on every livestream they have. This is one of the promotions I always recommend to non-wrestling fans to watch because of how fun they are.

So, what are you waiting for? Go watch Gatoh Move right now!

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