Pro Wrestling Spotlight: Mr. Iguana

Mexico, the birthplace of Lucha Libre, has been home of so many talented wrestlers throughout history. One of those talented wrestlers is the charismatic, Mr. Iguana.

Mr. Iguana, just like many of us, was a fan of pro wrestling from an early age. His wrestling idols are legends of the sport like Eddie Guerrero, Dragon Kid and The Great Muta. You can see the influence these wrestlers have on Mr. Iguana every time he steps into the ring. The passing of Eddie Guerrero, the characters in pro wrestling, and his love of iguanas ultimately inspired Mr. Iguana to become a pro wrestler.

Mr. Iguana is from Culiacán, a city known for it’s beautiful gardens, cathedrals and iguanas. He has been involved in many interesting matches during his career. His personal favorite match was a Escalera de la Recompensa (ladder match) against Vazco and Taurus for Kaoz Lucha. As for his favorite wrestling moment? It came thanks to a fan vote where he was picked to face Wagner Jr. in a match.

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