Thank you, Brodie Lee

On December 26 2020, we learned the passing of Jon Huber, better known as Brodie Lee & Luke Harper. Not only did we lose a great in-ring performer, but a wonderful human being and an outstanding father.

During these last few days, you can find all over social media the countless amazing stories about Brodie Lee and how of a wonderful man he was. Huber touched the lives of countless people with his sense of humor and love for his family.

Since day one, Brodie Lee was a captivating performer in the ring. His run on Dragon Gate USA, Chikara and CZW was phenomenal. When he joined WWE, and was part of The Wyatt Family, millions of people saw the star he could become.

As Luke Harper, he always delivered, even when things were not for the best for him or his fellow Wyatt Family comrades. Unfortunately, he was never able to get his big break in WWE, but he would have his opportunity to shine in AEW.

In AEW, Brodie Lee was able to be the leader of his own faction and he exceed at doing so. Before his reveal as “The Exalted One”, The faction was not at their best and were clearly considered a dud by many. Months later, and thanks to Lee’s work on AEW’s different platforms, The Dark Order became one of the most over groups in the promotion.

Brodie had an incredible, though short, run with AEW. His two matches with Cody and his AEW World Title match against Jon Moxley were his best showings in the promotion.

On BTE, we were able to see the more comedic side of him. On every skits involving The Dark Order, you could tell Brodie was having so much fun every week.

Thank you for everything, Brodie Lee. You will be missed.