Pro Wrestling Spotlight: The Red Lioness, Sara León

The Spanish pro wrestling scene has seen a lot of growth in the last few years. Nowadays we see a ton of young wrestlers ready to take over the wrestling world. One of those wrestlers is The Red Lioness, Sara León.

At the age of 15, Sara León started training martial arts and she would train this discipline every single day. From a very young age, she always wanted to be an actress and when she discovered pro wrestling and the fact she could combine both of her passions, she was immediately hooked.

León began her pro wrestling training in 2017, with Triple W’s wrestling school in Madrid. Four years later and Sara León is one of the most interesting prospects of the wrestling scene in Spain.

Some of Sara León’s favorite wrestlers are Asuka, Kyle O’Reilly. Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart and Meiko Satomura. León is a student of the game and in her matches you can see the influence her favorite wrestlers have on her — from the structure of her matches to her moves.

In her short career as a wrestler, León unquestionably has been involved in many great matches. Also, there’s no doubt she’ll be involved in many more. Some of her personal favorite are:

  • vs. A-Kid
  • vs. Millie McKenzie
  • vs. Killer Kelly

For Sara León, her dream is to be able to earn a living as a wrestler and actress, but to also be the best version of herself as a person and artist.

There’s no doubt that The Red Lioness Sara León has all the potential in the world to become a major star in the wonderful world of pro wrestling. And hey, maybe we will see her under the bright lights of WWE or AEW tearing the house down in the near future.

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