Pro Wrestling Spotlight: Ofooro

The world of pro wrestling is not only about wrestlers and bookers. There’s also many talented people that work in interesting places and one of those people is Ofooro.

Ofooro is an outstanding pro wrestling artist and you can see his amazing designs on social media and on TV as well, with some of his most recognizable work being featured in shirts for Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor) and Orange Cassidy of AEW.

Other wrestlers and personalities he has had the time to make artwork for are the always mischievous and wonderful Danhausen and Sue (Trent’s Mom).

Ofooro has been a fan of pro wrestling since the age of 6 years old. In his work you can see the love and care he has for the art of pro wrestling. For him, wrestling is about having fun and that’s where his inspiration comes from. Goofy moments are also some of the biggest inspirations for this talented artist.

Ultimately, when you see Ofooro’s art you can see the wonder and excitement that wrestling gives him. He loves to draw heel wrestlers or like he likes to call them, “the naughty ones.” Ofooro has fun drawing heel wrestlers being a-holes. Some of his favorites to draw are Jake The Snake Roberts, Team Taz, and PAC.

Ofooro’s art style is inspired by artists like Roger Hargreaves and Dick Bruna. He has many of the same qualities they have, like expressive characters that are not too detailed. He has also been able to capture the same fun and wonder Hargreaves and Bruna bring to their respective works. Other inspirations for him are BEPA and Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts).

The wacky world of pro wrestling is Ofooro’s playground and he is always coming up with interesting works of art every day. Who needs Picasso or Van Gogh, when you have Ofooro giving the pro wrestling community fun art everyday of the week.

You can follow Ofooro on Twitter at: @johnjfreeze
Here’s Ofooro’s website:

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