WWE Raw: Live Results from January 14, 2019

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The Scrap has results for every match and promo on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw.

Advertised for tonight: Ronda Rousey & Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax & Tamina and an Intercontinental Championship matchup between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley.

Check the Monday Night Raw results below.

The show opens with Vince McMahon in a limo. Makes his driver shine the back of the limo before walking backstage.

Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring. The crowd chants, “get these hands.” Strowman says Brock Lesnar has always been afraid of him although he won’t admit it and that his biggest fear is about to come true when he takes his title at WWE Royal Rumble.

Baron Corbin interrupts and tries to talk but Strowman doesn’t let him. Corbin threatens to stay there all night until he’s able to say what he wants. Corbin ends up mocking Strowman for how long he lasted against Lesnar the first time, says he won’t ever beat the champion. Corbin then says he’s going to win the Rumble before Strowman chases him backstage.

The camera turns to Elias who sings about knowing where Corbin is hiding, it’s inside the limo. Strowman hears and makes his way to it. He pulls the driver and throws him, tries to make his way to the back but Corbin locked it. Braun smashes the window while Corbin is begging, “no.” Mr. McMahon eventually makes his way back to the limo, looking angry and surprised before going to commercials.

Back from break, Strowman attempts to put the door he broke, back on. Mr. McMahon yells at Braun, saying it’s going to cost him $100,000. Strowman yells and Mr. McMahon takes him out of his championship matchup against Lesnar. He ends up getting angry and flips over the limo.

Ronda Rousey & Sasha Banks def. Tamina & Nia Jax.

Charley interviews the winners and Banks plays the heel while Rousey attempts to give her praise, saying it would be an honor to defend the title against her. Banks takes offense to being ranked on Rousey’s list of accomplishments and tells Rousey to ask Tamina or Jax how her submissions feels. Sasha proceeds to get in Rousey’s face and says she will teach her how to lose with class.

Rousey says Banks can keep the title of the most classiest loser, because she doesn’t want it. Banks says don’t forget who you called out, “you said I was the best, not the other day around.” Banks vows to make Ronda tap out at WWE Royal Rumble.

As Banks walks out, Rousey attempts to make amends. Banks says Rousey is in her house and walks away from the champ.

Backstage, we see Jerry Lawler come out of Mr. McMahon’s office.

Back from break, Rousey and Banks are arguing while Natalya and Bayley try to hold them back. After telling them to leave, Bayley and Natalya argue and defend their friends. They are interrupted by the Riott Squad and they challenge them to a tag match.

The Revival def. Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Gran Metalik).

While the match is going on, we go backstage to an interview with Dasha Fuentes as she is following who will replace Braun Strowman at the Royal Rumble. Apollo Crews, Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins, and EC3 all show up briefly.

After the match, Vince says he’s headed to the ring to announce Braun’s replacement.

Back from break, Vince walks out. As he is about to speak, John Cena interrupts him. Says he knows what Vince is going to say and will save him time. He states that all the stars before him all had other obligations. Cena says, “you give me a chance and I will not let you down.” Cena shares that McMahon gave him many chances and he’s sacrificed everything for his company. Cena wants the match against Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, says he’ll become the 17x WWE Champion.

Drew McIntyre makes his way out and says Cena does not have ruthless aggression, then gets in Mr. McMahon’s face. McIntyre wants the title shot and says Cena can leave like all those who did before him.

Corbin then comes out and states his claims. Later comes Finn Balor who is sick of getting left out of these conversations.

Hell breaks loose and McIntyre ends up being the last man standing in the ring. Mr. McMahon loves every minute and books all four men in a fatal four-way match tonight.

A Moment of Bliss is advertised with Paul Heyman later tonight. Also, Bayley and Natalya get to pick a mystery partner for tonight.

Back from break, Jinder Mahal approaches Mr. McMahon. Says he’s offended he wasn’t considered for the fatal four-way after being one of the greatest champions. Vince says Mahal gets to choose one of the men tonight to face and potentially take their spot. He chooses Finn Balor.

It will be Mahal vs Balor tonight and the winner goes into the fatal four-way for the shot at Brock Lesnar.

Bayley, Natalya & Nikki Cross def. Riott Squad.

Nikki Cross decides to make her debut on Monday Night Raw.

Backstage we see Finn Balor making his way to the arena and Lacey Evans is shown chatting with two women briefly.

Back from break, Ambrose cuts a promo about his title defense that is scheduled for later tonight. Says no one will take his belt.

Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal is next.

The match doesn’t begin right away. Sunil Singh holds Balor’s leg down, and he’s later attacked by Mahal. Mahal destroys Finn outside. As both men are in the ring, the referee starts the match with Balor hurt. Mahal tries to put him away immediately but Balor kicks out.

The match continues.

Finn Balor def. Jinder Mahal.

Balor keeps his spot in the main event, against Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and John Cena.

After the match, Lio Rush cuts a promo about the main event and Bobby Lashley, saying he’s the man the WWE Universe needs as champion.

Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat: Bobby Lashley def. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. 

Rush and Lashley celebrate at the end of the match. This marks Lashley’s first Intercontinental title run of his career.

Backstage, a producer goes into Bliss’ room to tell her that her segment is next. She’s shown topless, telling the producer to get out of the room before going on commercial break.

A Moment of Bliss feat. Paul Heyman.

Alexa announces that at WWE Elimination Chamber, it will be three teams from Raw and three teams from SmackDown facing off for the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Bliss unveils the belts to the WWE Universe.

Heyman comes out and begins talking about Brock Lesnar. Says Brock will beat anyone they put in front of him. As Heyman is going on and on about Lesnar, Otis Dozovic comes out and starts making some weird noises. His partner comes and tries to take him backstage.

The segment ends fairly awkward.

Next is a #1 Contender’s match to replace Braun Strowman at the Royal Rumble.

Finn Balor def. Drew McIntrye, John Cena & Baron Corbin.

It will be Balor vs The Beast at WWE Royal Rumble.

Cena then cuts a promo to end the show saying he believes in Balor, even if Mr. McMahon doesn’t.

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