Pro Wrestling Spotlight: Mango

The incredible world of pro wrestling has many talented artists and one of those artist is the wonderful Mango. Her art can been seen all over social media and even on some of your favorite wrestler’s merchandise shirts. Without a doubt, you’ll fall in love with Mango’s art in no time.

Mango has been drawing since the age of 7. He fell in love with pro wrestling right around 2019 and since then, Mango incorporated her two biggest passions into one. One year after Mango became a pro wrestling fan, she started to post her art on social media as her own way to express her thoughts about the wrestlers she likes and her thoughts on storylines.

The biggest inspirations for Mango have been prominent pro wrestling artists Glitchbat, Flighty and Ofooro. Her admiration of these artist can be seen in Mango’s work, as she tries to incorporate aspects of their art into her own; from Ofooro’s character design and clever punchlines, Flighty’s chibi designs, to Glitchbat’s use of calm colors and sparkles.

AEW’s The Dark Order are Mango’s favorite group to draw and you can see that on her Twitter timeline all the time. But she also has a soft spot for lower-card wrestlers, especially wrestlers with really nice long flowy hair.

In every piece of art made by Mango, you can see the love and care she has on her craft, but also her admiration for the wrestlers she is drawing. Her art is some of the most wholesome art in all pro wrestling.

You can find more of Mango’s work and social media accounts here.