WWE WrestleMania 35 Results & Recap

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Here we are everybody! The biggest (and longest) wrestling show of the year with many feel-good moments, good wrestling, and some dark spots. The show was seven and a half hours long, so get something to drink, get comfortable, and let’s get into WrestleMania 35.

Check out the WrestleMania 35 results below.

Tony Nese def. Buddy Murphy, new Cruiserweight Champion.

The pre-show kicked off with Tony Nese trying to win the Cruiserweight Championship off of Buddy Murphy. This was an excellent match as you would expect from the cruiserweights, and the arena was mostly full for it which was a nice surprise. This was just a solid showcase and you could tell they really put an effort into this match. It’s a shame that the they don’t have a bigger platform because every year on the pre-show they have one of the best matches on Mania.

Either way Nese picked up the win and won the Cruiserweight Championship which was absolutely the right decision.

Carmella wins Women’s Battle Royal.

This was fun for what it was, and was as fun as a battle royal can be. Riott Squad had a strong showing which was nice to see, and we also saw a returning Ember Moon, which was fantastic. Dana Brooke also had a strong showing and the crowd got super behind her which was a nice moment. The final two came down to Sarah Logan and Asuka or so we thought, Logan eliminated Asuka and Carmella who was hiding under the ring. She came back in the ring and eliminated Sarah Logan to win.

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder def. The Revival, new Raw Tag Team Champions.

Before I talk about this match, I just wanna talk about Dash Wilder for a second. At the Hall of Fame on Saturday Bret Hart was attacked by a fan and numerous superstars ran in the ring and beat the guy up! The three main guys were Travis Browne, Dash Widler, and David Hart Smith, the last three guys you want laying into you. I just wanted to give Dash props for jumping in there and protecting one of the greatest ever. As far as the match goes, it was fantastic from start to finish. The two went back and forth with a brain buster to the floor at one point, near the end Curt Hawkins got super intense and sold the story of wanting this first win so much.

Hawkins would finally break his losing streak with a win over The Revival winning the Raw Tag Team Championships to a huge pop. It was a really fun match and Hawkins getting the pinfall win was genuinely one of the best moments of the show.

Braun Strowman wins Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Then we had the second Battle Royal of the night and like the Women’s Battle Royal, it was fun but nothing spectacular. The SNL guys hid under the ring straight away to avoid Braun. There were a few good spots and at one point Ali took a bad bump when Harper did a brainbuster type thing to the floor and Ali sat up right into the table. The match was what it was and it came down to Braun vs SNL guys, SNL guys brought in a therapist who was quickly destroyed.

Braun eliminated SNL guys to win to nobodies surprise, it was fun and had tons of great action throughout but it was just okay.

Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar, new WWE Universal Champion.

The main show kicked off with the Universal Championship match, you heard that right, the Universal Championship! This was a very short match, but it was fun while it lasted. It started out like most Lesnar matches start, with a few German suplex’s, but when he goes for an F-5 the referee get’s knocked out and Rollins takes advantage with a low blow. Rollins hit’s 3 consecutive curbstomps and pins Brock 1-2-3 and we (finally) have a new Universal Champion.

While it was odd having this first, it certainly popped the crowd and was a nice hot start to WrestleMania. It does seem Brock will be heading to UFC next to fight Daniel Cormier in August.

AJ Styles def. Randy Orton.

Then we kind of came back down to Earth a bit as AJ Styles took on Randy Orton. Many people were looking forward to this and for good reason. That being said, it was nothing special. This sadly did not reach the potential it had. It was still an extremely solid match as you’d expect from these two, but it could have been better. The two went back and forth and the match had some entertaining spots throughout like Orton going for a RKO off a 450 splash.

AJ hit a phenomenal forearm on the outside, put Orton back in the ring and hit another one to get the win, a fine match that could’ve been better.

Usos def. Aleister Black & Ricochet, Rusev & Nakamura, and The Bar, Usos retain Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

I want to say Black and Ricochet are huge stars and their entrances in front of 80,000+ people honestly gave me goosebumps. They don’t even need special entrances because their default entrances scale so well from NXT, to Raw, to sold out stadiums. This was a solid tag team match and there was chaos between all four teams throughout. At one point each member of the team hit their finisher on other competitors in the match.

I really wanted Black and Ricochet to win this match and it looked like they came close on multiple occasions, but ultimately Usos retained after they hit stereo splashes on Sheamus. This was an extremely fun match and although it didn’t have much story.

Shane McMahon def. The Miz.

This match was better than it had any right to be, Shane plays such a great heel and he had Greg Hamilton introduce him as “The Best in The World” three times, which was classic. At one point Shane laid out Miz on the table and went on the top rope to do his Elbow Drop and Dad Miz got in between them which got a pop out of me. Dad Miz then got in the ring and squared up to Miz (somewhere Ross from Cultaholic was freaking out), Shane attacked Dad Miz and Miz went after Shane. The match spilled over to the international commentary section which was utter chaos. The match ends when they get on top of a TV camera platform and Miz suplexes Shane off the platform.

The way they fell Shane landed on top of Miz which resulted in a pinfall for Shane.

The IIconics def. Boss ‘N Hug Connection, Nia Jax & Tamina, and Divas of Doom, new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Then we had the fatal four-way match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, and this was a very fun match. IIconics came out looking like a million bucks. Natalya and Beth came out in matching Pink and Black attire and was hugged by Bret on the ramp. The match was a little sloppy at points but overall the match was fine and each team got their shine throughout. The match ended when Beth Pheonix hit a top rope glam-slam, but IIconics threw Beth out before she could get the pin, and IIconics won the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

I was shocked when IIconics won because I thought it was a lock that Boss ‘N Hug Connection, but I loved that they won these titles. I think Banks and Bayley chasing IIconics is a good way to go, and IIconics totally deserved this big moment.

Kofi Kingston def. Daniel Bryan, new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Then we had the absolute best match of the night, and it isn’t even close in my opinion. This was absolutely perfect and was everything I thought it could’ve been and more. The match started out slow but the story built, and built and I was completely invested in this match from start to finish. Near the end Rowan tried to get involved but New Day hit a Midnight Hour to take him out of the equation. Then Kofi hit a Trouble in Paradise and genuinely created one of the best WrestleMania moments of all-time.

Xavier Woods went to the outside and pulled the cloth off a table at ringside and there was the original WWE Title complete with Kofi’s sideplates. All three of the men were so emotional and you could tell how much this meant to them. I predicted that this would steal the show and I was absolutely right. I almost hit the roof when Kofi won and my eyes got watery. I have watched Kofi’s entire career and this meant a lot to me personally because I grew up watching him. This was perfect, WWE captured lightning in a bottle with KofiMania.

Samoa Joe def. Rey Mysterio, Joe retains the United States Championship.

Literally nothing to say here, this match lasted under a minute and a half because Rey had an injured ankle. Rey hit a flurry early on including a 619, but Joe quickly got the upper hand and submitted Rey almost immediately. Nothing to say about this match because it was under two minutes long, it’s a shame because I think these two could’ve had a really good match.

Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre.

This was maybe the weakest match on the show, not because it was necessarily bad match but because it was just a standard Raw match. The only special thing about this match was the pyro before hand, besides that nothing about this screamed WrestleMania. The two went back and forth, but Roman got the win with a Superman Punch and a Spear. Roman was obviously the right call but I feel they could have done a bit more especially when it comes to Drew. I don’t have much to say about this because it was nothing special, but it was serviceable.

Thuganomics John Cena Returns; Interrupts Elias.

Elias came out for his musical performance and first we saw what was obviously pre-recorded Elias first playing the drums, then the piano, then actual Elias in the ring started playing a song along with the pre-recorded Elias’. Then we see old time footage of Babe Ruth playing baseball and at this point I was so confused as was the rest of the crowd. Then Cena’s music hit, but not the music you’re thinking of, it was Thuganomics Cena’s music.

He comes out in the baseball jersey, the hat, chain, he basically went back to 2002 and it was amazing. He got in the ring and ripped into Elias if you have not seen this segment it’s on WWE’s YouTube channel go watch it. This was absolutely fantastic and I popped so hard for Thuganomics Cena.

Triple H def. Batista.

After that extremely entertaining segment, we had the returning Batista against Triple H who’s career was on the line. Poor Batista tripped going in the ring but he laughed it off and you could tell even though he was nervous, he was having fun. This was better than I expected to me and the No Holds Barred match helped this match a ton. Batista took a ton of nasty bumps including a couple on an announce table that just no-sold every bump until it eventually broke. Triple H got a bit sadistic during this match, twisting Batista’s fingers with channel-locks, and ripped his nose ring out with pliers.

This was basically a PG death match in a way, and while some people have trashed it, I really enjoyed it all the way through. Triple H got the win after a Superman sledgehammer strike to Batista that was handed to him by Ric Flair. A pedigree and Triple H got the win.

After this Batista announced his retirement and it is kinda funny that Batista had a better retirement match then Kurt Angle.

Baron Corbin def. Kurt Angle.

Prior to this match we all thought somebody would come out and change this match but nope, we just got Angle vs Corbin straight up. It was a fine match and Corbin made Angle look good and got him through the match. Kurt hit all his biggest hits, Angle Slam, Ankle Lock and German Suplexes. I figured if Kurt vs Corbin went ahead, Angle was definitely going to win, right? Nope, Corbin beat Angle clean as a whistle, now I understand Kurt putting over a new guy on the way out, but I think Angle should’ve won this.

It was a fine match though, but afterwards Kurt cut a very emotional promo and requested the WWE Universe to serenade him with “You Suck” chants one last time. It was a fine match with a questionable decision.

Demon Finn Balor def. Bobby Lashley, new Intercontinental Champion

Next in a surprisingly high spot on the card, we had the WrestleMania debut of the Demon. This wasn’t much of a match to be honest and Lashley did not get a ton of offense in. Balor hit a move he doesn’t hit when he isn’t the Demon, which makes a ton of sense. He hit a powerbomb and a Cupe de Grace do get the obvious win to reclaim his Intercontinental Champion. I loved seeing The Demon on Mania and I think he could very much fill the Undertaker role.

Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, new Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion

Then hours later we had the first ever women’s main event for the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. Charlotte got a helicopter entrance with it landing outside the arena, very similair to an entrance her dad had back in the day. Ronda was sung out by Joan Jett, and Becky just had her regular entrance. I liked that Becky had her regular entrance though, because it showed she was just focused on accomplishing her destiny. The match honestly was just okay if I’m honest. It was a good match but was not the best on the card. The three went back and forth and each women got their spots during the match. Let’s just get straight to the finish because that’s what everybody will be talking about.

Ronda picked Becky up for a Piper’s Pit and Becky turned it into a backslide and the referee counted the 3, but Ronda’s shoulders weren’t totally on the mat. I could overlook the out of nowhere finish but Ronda’s shoulders not being all the way down was a bit of a dark spot. Becky winning both titles should’ve been massive and whether the finish was botched or not, it took away from the moment. I am happy that Becky won though, so I’m happy with the decision, just not how we got there.

Overall this was a fantastic Mania and genuinely I think it could be one of the best, certainly of the modern era. There was a lot of good wrestling and we had a few very happy moments, Kofi winning being the highlight. This was an extremely long show, but honestly the first 3/4’s flew by. Seth winning the Universal title to kick off the show was a shocking moment and I loved the decision. There was some bad points but I think the good far, far outweigh the bad here.

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